The Vancouver City Summit

November 24 – 25, 2016

This two-day City Summit was an invitation-only gathering of 90+ senior clergy and leaders representing a very wide range of denominations, ministries and other Christian groups.

The City Summit was not a conference. It was a space for exploring what God is doing in our city – encountering local signs of Christ’s Kingdom – and for prayerfully discerning how the Holy Spirit is inviting us to join in God’s work by cooperating with each other and with people of good will, so that we become catalysts for shalom in our neighbourhoods and city.

Download the Executive Summary of Consensus Priorities and Next Steps from the Summit.


8:00       Registration (coffee/tea)
8:30       Indigenous Protocol & Welcome: Rennie Nahanee, Squamish Nation, Archdiocese of Vancouver
8:40       Welcome & Introduction to the Summit
9:00       Civic Leaders Roundtable: Hope for the City

  • Andrea Reimer, Vancouver City Councilor
  • Deb Bryant, CEO of Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC
  • John Neate, Owner of JJ Bean Coffee Houses
  • Q&A from Bakke, Smith, Dickau & audience

10:30      Glenn Smith: Pluralism, Secularity, and the Shaping of Canadian Urban Places, Q&A
11:15      Tim Dickau: Spiritual Formation within the Social Space of Vancouver, Q&A
12:00      Table Talk Lunch in small groups for moderated discussion of the morning’s topics
1:30       Jonathan Bird: Vancouver demographics and trends; summary of the Consultation’s Focus Groups
2:00       Signs of Hope: short talks by champions on key topics and signs of hope
3:30       Break
3:45       Worship & prayer
4:15       Ray Bakke: global & historical contexts for Vancouver as ideal laboratory for urban mission and theology
5:00       Adjourn


8:30       Ray Bakke : Orientation to site tours and Ministry Model Matrix
9:30       Site tours: small groups visit one site, with two organizations presenting at each
12:00     Groups debrief over lunch back at Glad Tidings
1:00       Break Out Session 1: “From the perspective of the Church as a whole in Vancouver, how can we most bless the city   given what you know about your own ministry context and what we’ve heard the last two days?”
1:45       Break Out Session 2: “What are the major barriers to the Church blessing the city in these ways?”
2:30       Break
3:00       Panel: brief final observations and exhortations from Bakke, Smith, and Dickau
3:30       Group consensus about next steps: “Given the pattern that we see in your individual responses, what would be ways to support and encourage you and your group as you move forward? What does it mean to do this together?
4:40       Worship and prayer
5:00       Adjourn

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