We meet weekly to pray for the city as a whole, for each neighbourhood in turn, and for ministries and people brought to our attention. We presently meet on  Friday mornings, 8 – 9 am, at the offices of CityGate Leadership Forum (directions).

To assist us and you in praying with greater insight and specificity, we’ve published short profiles of each of Vancouver’s 23 official neighbourhoods – highlighting their demographics, history, notable features, and local church presence. You can access the neighbourhood profiles here.

Our recurring prayer items:

  1. That the churches in Vancouver will heed Jesus’ core passion in John 13-17, and be “brought into complete unity” as the Holy Spirit “guides us into all truth,” enabling us to love one another as Jesus loves us (the self-abasing and sacrificial love of the Suffering Servant) – and that we would ask the Father to empower us to do “even greater things” than Jesus did in demonstrating the Father’s love for a our lost and blind city. This is our most compelling apologetic.
  2. That we would learn to recognize and describe accurately what makes for idolatry in Vancouver: the false images and habits of the good life, the healthy life, the beautiful life. Conversely, that we would recognize how God is gifting Vancouver – as he does each person and city – to express uniquely what is true, good, and beautiful about Him and his creation.
  3. That God’s people will boldly experiment with forms of radical hospitality and economic sharing that restore genuine neighbourliness and close the gap between rich and poor – not least by supporting Muslim and Christian refugees and by leveraging real estate assets into affordable housing.

Currently we are praying around the diagram below from the City of Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy. We applaud its holistic outlook and are listening for how we can translate the biblical notion of God’s shalom into language that could be intelligible to this secular initiative for wellbeing.

source: City of Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy.