Materials from the 2016 City Summit

The Vancouver City Summit (November 24-25, 2016) gathered 90 senior clergy and Christian non-profit executives from across the diversity of the church and the different neighbourhoods of Vancouver. It was a key milestone within the Consultation’s ongoing process to discern answers to three questions: What is God doing in our neighbourhoods and ministries – where do we see signs of hope and deep flourishing? What are the primary spiritual wounds, idols, and social injustices in the city? How is the Holy Spirit prompting us to encourage, learn from, and cooperate with each other as well as with people of good will so that we become catalysts for shalom here?

The first day and a half of the Summit showcased answers to the first two questions that had been gathered previously through focus groups, interviews, and research. This information and perspective was offered through plenary speakers, panel discussion among civic leaders, brief presentations from innovative practitioners, and site tours of model ministries.

The final afternoon was given over to small group sessions that engaged the Consultation’s third question. Punctuated with periods of silent prayer, each group deliberated on the following: From the perspective of the Church as a whole in Vancouver, how can we most bless the city given what you know about your own ministry context and what we’ve heard the last two days? What are the major barriers to the Church blessing the city in these ways?

City Summit Priorities & Next Steps